Update Pack 16

Cross server (preparatory stage):
  • Implemented basic connectivity between servers
  • Work with mail was rewritten, work was transferred to a new manager
  • Rewrote pet saving system, transferred to new pet saving and storage type
  • Rewrote work with gifts in wrapping paper
  • Rewritten work with saving and processing character panels for different specs.
  • Primary implementation of character data serialization system for transfer between servers
 Battle Pets:

Dungeons and Raids:
  • https://wowhead.com/npc=26668 - adjustments in the script.
  • Implemented a system of special "evade boss", now they "disappear" and appear after some time.
  • Fixed the start of the timer in Mythic +, now starts after the countdown start.
  • When you start Mythic +, the ability recovery time is now reset with a recovery time of more than two minutes.
  • Fixed a bug when, after receiving damage to a character’s health, it wasn’t visually correct.
  • Numerous visual fixes on https://wowhead.com/broken-shore
  • The system of generating local combat pet tasks has been rewritten. Now quests will be displayed correctly.
  • Now the base blocking chance is 3% (it was 5%)
  • Implementation of urgent fixes that were not applied from PTP to live-hotfixes from build 25632 to 26124 (class, changes will be visible in the client part)
  • Implementation of urgent fixes from build 26124 to 26972 (class, changes will be visible in the client part), list of changes below
  • https://wowhead.com/spell=205484 
  • - Rewrote algorithm for calculating healing. Now it will not be used as many times as when we allow damage to the area to hit several targets in a row, but will produce it no more than 1 time in 1 second, summing up a part of the entire damage on all targets, from which it will work
  • - Now all the healing triggered by the damage of the allies of the warrior, will come from the warrior himself and be counted in his healing statistics
  • - Fixed a bug when allies who received the aura of this talent of this warrior healed only themselves from the% damage that they caused
  • Fixed a bug when the https://wowhead.com/spell=1160 ability did not reduce the damage inflicted on the warrior, but reduced the damage to all demoralized opponents, even when the warrior had no talent active https://wowhead.com/spell=199023 Go
  • Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=205800 now increases the damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before).
  • https://wowhead.com/spell=199023 now reduces recovery time https://wowhead.com/spell=1160 not for 30 seconds, but for 10 seconds
  • Now in PvP https://wowhead.com/spell=202743 allows you to accumulate not 60, but 30 units. rage.
  • https://wowhead.com/spell=202743 now increases the damage to targets in PvP by 15%, not 25%.

  • Now the ability https://wowhead.com/spell=12042 increases the damage inflicted by a character in PvP not by 30%, but by 25%.
  • Mages of Fire specialization will now deal 3% more damage  
Demon hunter: 

Death knight: 
  • Fixed a bug where the talent https://wowhead.com/spell=204160 hit one target several times in a row if there were no “neighbors” available in the range and sometimes caused damage twice when moving to the next target
  • Fixed a bug when the effect of the artifact feature https://wowhead.com/spell=193213 accumulated a larger share of the periodic damage caused by the https://wowhead.com/spell=55078 ability than expected
  • Honor's talent https://wowhead.com/spell=207018 now increases damage taken by the target by 3% for each effect applied (and not by 5% as before).
  • Now in PvP https://wowhead.com/spell=238698 imposes on the death knight and his allies the effect of self-healing, which restores their health in the amount of 8% of the total damage done (previously the amount of self-healing was 20%).