Start playing

To start playing you need to:

1. Create a game account and activate it via e-mail

2. Install the game client:

Attention!!! Launcher downloads the game from the torrent tracker and distributes it! 

For Windows: download our launcher - ArgusLauncher (Mirror), execute it and install the game. If the game has already been installed, specify the game folder.

For Mac OS: download the game from torrent tracker, then download and unzip .app files to the game folder

if you have any problems with the launcheryou can download only exe 

If you want to change the language to another, you need:
1 Close game
2 Open file WTF\
3 Сhange to
SET textLocale "enUS"
SET audioLocale "enUS"
4 Run game
5 Supported languages: enUS, koKR, frFR, deDE, zhCN, zhTW, esES, esMX, ruRU, ptBR, itIT
Realmlist: SET portal ""