Project news
    We opened The Emerald Nightmare( Mythic ) raid and Dungeon Mythic+
    opened the third part  of the chain in  Suramar Insurrection: Missing Persons

We opened The Emerald Nightmare(Normal, Heroic) raid and begin Vindictive Gladiator: Legion Season 1(Prestige max 4)
open the second part of the chain in Suramar Insurrection: Missing Persons


We opened Legion dungeons: Black Rook Hold, Darkheart Thicket, Eye of Azshara, Halls of Valor, Maw of Souls, Neltharion's Lair, Vault of the Wardens, Violet Hold

1 February we are launching Vindictive Gladiator: Legion Season 1. It will last 3 month and end 1 may 2019.  
Realm will be open on January 25th 18:00 GMT 
Gold = 1x
Honor = 1x
Reputation = 1x
XP = 1x-5x (Rates of XP are customizable and can be set between x1 and x5)
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After a long work on the kernel, testing and debugging, we are ready to run the OBT. Now everyone can go to the PTR. Start playing
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How to start?
Step 1
Account registration
Register a game account first
Register a game account and activate it via e-mail
Step 2
Game client installation
Download the game client to play on the server
For Windows: download our launcher - ArgusLauncher, execute it and install the game, if the game has already been installed, specify the game folder.

For Mac OS: download the game client from tracker, download and unzip .app files to the game folder

Technical support for installing, running the game client and connecting to the game server