Update Pack September

  • Rewritten reset of recovery time (CD) of items that can be used only once in battle
  • Fixed 3 reasons for server crash
  • Settlement adjustment on the Broken Shore
Dungeons and Raids:

  • Fixed a problem due to which some bosses were not counted in the log of the passed dungeon.
  • After killing the boss, the battalion commander should no longer buggy.

Dungeons and Raids:
Halls of Valor:

  • Missing dialogs for bosses added;
  • The event is implemented at the entrance to inst;
  • The event is implemented when the key is launched;
  • Rewritten event with Hirya;
  • Rewritten event at the entrance to the location with Fenrir;
  • Not big corrections in trash scripts.
  • Skovald:
  • Now the boss will be activated when players try to seize the auspices;
  • Fixed a bug in which the boss could absorb damage from players from the back;
  • Fixed 1 exploit.
  • The principle of superimposing talent effects has been rewritten https://www.wowhead.com/spell=217207 (Terrible rabies). Fixed a bug where when reaching the maximum number of active auras, your next application did not update its smallest effect in duration
Death Knight:
  • Fixed a bug due to which the battles did not work and were blocked
  • Fixed a problem due to which when studying the levels of professions they were not saved
  • Fixed 3 reasons for server crash
  • New garrison system returned for testing
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to the fall of the FPS in some locations
  • The second part of the update for the new system of garrisons and Classhall was installed, many problems were fixed, and the reasons that led to the instability of the kernel from the new system were found.
  • Found and eliminated the reason that gave incorrect gold values in the bonus in the stronghold missions
  • Fixed 3 reasons for server crash
Cross (test version installed on test servers):
  • The work of social networks has been rewritten, now they work correctly even after the port to another realm
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the group from registering in the LFR
  • The ability to transfer a character between different servers has been implemented (meaning not only from your realm to cross, but also from your cross to another realm not your own), earlier this caused the client to freeze
  • The system of inviting to a group between realms has been improved, many problems have been fixed
  • Several reasons were found which caused a drop in the FPS and client lags during the transition between servers (this fix should also positively say on hidden teleporters during the transition between zones)
  • Registration on the BG and LFG by the interserver group and teleportation of the entire group to the cross (previously caused the client to crash or freeze) is fixed
  • Fixed a lot of server crashes related to the work of the cross
  • Fixed several issues related to cross-server character storage
  • Reworked the concept of finding a character on cross and native realm, should fix some of the server bugs and crashes
  • Fixed processing of spells with the same guides or names on cross servers, now correctly finds spells with the same nicknames and guides
  • The work of cross server accounts has been implemented (since the database login for different realms may be different, this system is implemented for correct and correct operation)
  • Rewritten characters redirected in simple locations and through an invite to the group, now it has no loading screen and it goes completely invisibly to the player
Dungeons and Raids:

  • Adjusted mobs spawns.
  • Patrols added.
  • Rewritten boss scripts.
  • Fixed 1 server crash reasons
Cross (test version installed on test servers):
  • Fixed several reasons for the character to freeze on interreal
  • Now the character returns from BG to the realm from where he was registered
  • Fixed server crash when transferring characters
  • Partially rewritten sending status online and offline in social networks
  • Fixed client freezing after AFC status
  • Implementation of cross server myths + with synchronization of statistics between servers
  • The display of the New Moon Fair and the Brewfest on the calendar has been fixed. (do not forget to clean the Cache folder to see the changes).
  • Fixed client crash when opening the bastion window through the icon under the minimap
  • Corrected duplication of abilities of associates in the stronghold and garrison, removed all duplicate abilities
  • Fixed several reasons for server crash
Cross (test version installed on test servers):
  • Implemented the work of cross server zones, included in testing
  • Fixed reconnecting cross servers after crash
  • A redirect of characters was implemented during the entrance to the world for cross server zones
  • Fixed a bug when auras were duplicated when switching between cross server realms
  • Mount morphs have been redone (https://www.wowhead.com/spell=93326 and others), now the icon of the mount image will be displayed in the portrait, and not the black portrait.
  • Fixed an issue where some art scripts stopped working
Game Events:
Cross (test version installed on test servers):
  • Implemented the work of cross server garrisons and Classhall
  • Fixed 3 reasons for server crash
  • Broken Shore Script has been disabled because it was not possible to find the reason why it breaks other scripts into artifacts
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to release the hunt pets
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to rename pets of a hunt
  • Fixed a bug due to which some sums had a gray panel
  • The calculation of obtaining the level of items has been rewritten, which should eliminate problems with obtaining the level of things above 985
  • Added check that we lower the PVP items above 985 to the cap in 985
  • Fixed 3 reasons for server crash
  • A system has been developed that will allow players to enter the game from game clients from 26124 to 26972
  • Fixed a problem due to which with some probability the character might not be saved
  • Partially rewritten the work of the auction (the need to support work in a cross server environment)
  • Partially rewritten the work of mail (the need to support work in a cross server environment)
  • Fixed bug "you are subdued and can not do this" - due to the battle of pets
Cross (test version installed on test servers):
  • Implemented work mail in a cross-server environment
  • Fixed a bug due to which there were no characters from your server
  • Partially rewritten synchronization of character information between servers

  • Fixed bugs with pet control and not only
  • Fixed a problem due to which at the end of the auction the item did not return
  • Fixed 3 reasons for server crash
  • Test implementation of returning things that were not taken from loot
Cross (test version installed on test servers):
  • Implemented auction work in a cross server environment
  • Implemented a stronghold chest in a cross server environment
  • Rewritten removal of fighting pets when landing on the mount. Now the satellite will not disappear if the player runs on the mount. It will disappear if the player took off at the mount, and will return as soon as it descends to the ground.
  • Implemented momentum when dismounting from a flying mount in the air. Now the player will fall a little forward due to the impulse, and not immediately fall down.
  • Now rage will also be created from blocked damage (for the specialization "Protection")
Demon Hunter:
  • Fixed a bug when the triggering of an item https://www.wowhead.com/item=144279/mania-magnitude reduced the recovery time of "Metamorphosis" by 2 seconds (instead of 1) for every 30 units. spent anger
  • Rewritten talent implementation https://www.wowhead.com/spell=211881
  • - Now the non-player target will receive damage once if it is immune to stun
  • - Now the interpretation of the concept of “goals with constant immunity to stunning” will not act against other players (which means they will not be affected by bonuses from the list above)
  • The talent effect https://www.wowhead.com/spell=213691 now belongs to the category of "disoriented" rather than "paralyzed"